February 20, 2021 3 min read

Everyone is familiar with the most amazing dishes, stews and roasts with the flavors of Peru.

They enchant every pallet with its rich species that derive from many different cultures. But you probably don’t know the huge variety ofPeruvian desserts that exists.

Peru definitely has a sweet tooth and knows how to satisfy this craving. Check out some of Peru’s most popular desserts. 

Peruvian desserts with fruit: Mazamorra Morada

With a varied weather that can go from extra hot in summer time to freezing in winter, people in Lima have grown accustomed to prepare deliciousPeruvian desserts with a warm and comforting flavor.

Mazamorra morada is a Limeñan dessert with a jelly- like texture that can be enjoyed all year round but people like it, especially on cold months.

This dessert is unique because of its exotic flavors, the base is Peru’s purple corn and has hints of cinnamon, clove, pineapple, cherry, peach, apricot and many other options of fresh and dried fruits.

This mixture is then thickened by using sweet potato flour. One of the most originalPeruvian desserts without a doubt. 


Not only one of the bestPeruvian desserts, this is a best seller for street vendors. Picarones could be considered the equivalent of a doughnut, with a sweet, sticky and dripping consistency.

Picarones are made from sweet potato flour and fried for a couple of minutes until they reach a golden color and crisp texture. After being fried, they are topped with honey, cinnamon, essence of orange and other sweet spices.

This dessert can also be the perfect treat or snack, you can have them for dinner with a glass of milk or as the perfect ending of a huge meal. Find the delicious Picarones doughnut mix ready to preparehere

Alfajores with Manjar blanco

Alfajores are definitely one of the most popularPeruvian desserts, and their popularity extends all over Latin America. Alfajores are a type of ultra soft round cookies made from corn flour, they are so crumbly that they resemble buttermilk cookies.

You take two of these soft cookies and “glue” them together with manjar blanco, a sweet caramel and milk cream, and sprinkled completely with powdered sugar. You can find alfajores almost anywhere in Peru, or you can make them and enjoy them fresh. Their taste is a little dry but  super sweet, so they go great with coffee or milk. 

Peruvian desserts for parties: Pionono

Pionono is one of the most decadentPeruvian desserts, some people say it’s a different version of the jelly roll cake. This addictive cake is typically filled with manjar blanco, but it can also go with fruit filling or even whipped cream. And it’s precisely its manjar blanco (the caramel and milk cream we mentioned before) what gives this dessert a Peruvian twist. 

You can make this recipe yourself since it’s so simple. Bake a standard cake on a baking sheet, it will result in a very slim and long cake. When it’s done spread manjar blanco all over it and roll it up. You can serve it as the perfect dessert for a party or dinner. 

Leche Asada (Peruvian roasted milk custard)

This one of the most ancientPeruvian desserts, prepared as early as Colonial times by the people of Peru.

Leche Asada is considered as a low budget version of the Crème Brûlée because it shares the same technique and almost the same ingredients. Leche Asada leaves you with a sweet yet simple flavor on your mouth after enjoying it.

The classic Leche Asada recipe requires whole milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon; although some modern recipes include condensed milk or evaporated milk for fluffier texture.

Despite what you might think because of its taste and its brown burned top, Leche Asada does not require caramel. You can serve it cold or warm in individual glasses. 

These are only a few examples of whatPeruvian desserts have to offer, all of them have a little bit of Peruvian heart in them and your mouth will be watering since you start making them.

Try out each one of these recipes and experiment with your favorite ingredients, they’ll be perfect for a hungry afternoon or to wow your dinner guests.