February 25, 2021 3 min read

Peru is usually on the list of countries to visit for many tourists around the world due to its culture, history, traditions, landscapes, and more. However, this beautiful country also manages to attract thousands of travelers thanks to one of the elements that most represents the identity and hallmark of this beautiful country: its gastronomy.

Peruvian gastronomy forms an important part of the history of its people and the ancestral knowledge of its inhabitants, as is the case of the Peruvian yellow sauce, which is considered the most important sauce in Peruvian cuisine.


The story of the Peruvian yellow sauce explains that in the 19th century there was a cook who, in addition to being adorable and noble, prepared a tasty cheese sauce garnished with egg, to accompany the potatoes from the Mantaro River Valley.

Over time, the workers nicknamed this cook "la huancaína." That is why her star dish was known at that time as “papa a la huancaína”, a name that lasts until today and that was spread throughout Peru and the world, as well as the recipe.

Love and other ingredients

The Peruvian yellow sauce was usually prepared with crumbled cheese, along with boiled hot pepper, ground, and mixed with milk. Nowadays the hot pepper is not used much in its preparation.

This ingredient was changed over time by the yellow pepper. In addition, it is also currently decorated with olives and lettuce. The huancaina sauce is so famous that it has been industrialized and it is possible to find it in all supermarkets already prepared.

In the recipe, the yellow pepper without seeds is usually seasoned together with onion and garlic. Thus it manages to give it that smoky touch. Then they are mixed with cookies, cheese, milk, and yellow pepper. After blending everything, strain the cream in order to avoid lumps.

Some cooks in Peru use a batán to prepare the sauce or cream. The process is longer and more difficult, but it is more enjoyable and the taste is different.

Now that you know a little about the history of this popular sauce, below we will present some of the dishes in which its flavor stands out along with the other ingredients.

A very versatile sauce

The Peruvian Yellow Sauce can be served with quail eggs, watercress, risotto, fried yucca, potato chips, or tortilla.

However, it can also accompany other varieties of dishes and be used with tequeños, vegetarian rice with chicken, or with any other recipe you like, there are many culinary horizons that you can reach when trying new mixtures with the huancaina sauce.

This sauce can stand out at any party or gathering as a dip. If you mix the Peruvian Yellow Sauce with Arborio rice it becomes an incredible risotto. With all this in mind, it can be impossible not to think of pasta to combine it with Huancaína, right?

Pasta with Huancaína sauce has been presented as an alternative for lunch in recent years and is now served in restaurants of all levels, almost always accompanied by a churrasco. This Peruvian Yellow Sauce provides many interesting flavors when it’s combined.

You can even sauté some vegetables that you like and serve them with the pasta. This will add color to your plate and it will be a complete meal with your servings of vegetables.

However, the main mixture is the huancaína potato that we mentioned earlier. This is a cold dish that is served as an entrance food. The flavor of the Peruvian Yellow Sauce recipe and its ease is what makes it adaptable to multiple options.

It is also customary - for family gatherings - to serve the huancaína sauce with baby potatoes since it will have the same flavor as the original recipe, only that it will look more beautiful for using a small potato.

Likewise, it can be used as a regular sauce (to vary the use of other creams such as mayonnaise, ketchup, or mustard) served with hot dogs, nuggets, or pieces of chicken or grilled meat.

Therefore, dare to prepare this recipe and enjoy a delicious dish. You will not regret having an alternative with which you can delight your family.