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Pirucream Original Hazelnuts and Chocolate Rolled Wafer x 10.59 oz.

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  • Barquillas rellenas de chocolate y avellanas
  • Pirucream is Pirulin. It was founded in Venezuela in 1980. Pirucream is the export brand created by the Sindoni Group for International marketing of the famous rolled wafers filled chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Pirucream is a product tailored to the USA market requirements that meets high quality standards and requirements of the FDA.
  • The rolled wafers are stuffed with chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Pirucream is a product of high quality and high nutritional value, made ​​with the best stuff from the world to achieve a competitive product with the highest quality.
  • Canister 10.59 oz. /300 gr.