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Mi Tierra Perú Chicha de Jora Drink Para Beber x 16 oz.

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Chicha de Jora is a fermented drink native to South America, particularly widespread in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. It presents different varieties depending on the region, but its preparation is mainly composed of "Jora", that is, malted corn.

As you wander around Peru, you might notice locals all nursing big cups of chicha.
Chances are they're sipping on the nation's favorite drink. Made from maize or corn, this fermented beverage is used in many traditional celebrations including weddings and holidays.

Other parts of South America have their own variations, but Peruvian natives claim that theirs tops them all. This traditionally sweetened drink has a natural fizzy taste that pairs well with regional dishes like ceviche and tamales de camarones!

It also packs more protein than light beer because it's made from corn instead of fruit juice like other beverages on the market today; no wonder it tastes so good!

Imported from Peru 

16 oz. - 100% Natural

No preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors