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Inca's Food Papa Huayro - Frozen Huayro Potato 35.27 oz.

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Huayro potatoes are perfect for cooking applications like boiling, baking, and mashing. The tuber is mainly used to add thickening to soups and stews.

However, it is also cooked, mashed, and utilised to absorb other flavours like spices, sauces, herbs, and dressings. It isn't recommended to cook this variety as the tuber will not keep its shape. It is believed that in Peru, Huayro potatoes are often used in papa a La Huancaina.


These cooked potatoes are cut and placed on crisp lettuce leaves, accompanied by hard-boiled eggs, and drizzled with a traditional Huancaina sauce. The potatoes are also utilized in causa, the cold, layered meal made of thin slices of potatoes and other fillings like pork, onions, and charapita peppers.

Huayro potatoes are delicious with corn, black olives, serrano cheese, onions, garlic, paprika, white rice chickpeas and chickpeas, fish, smoked bacon, and poultry. The tubers can be kept for up to one month if kept in a cool, dry, and dark, dry place.