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Kosmos Gourmet Aji Amarillo 7.5 oz.

Kosmos Gourmet Aji Amarillo 7.5 oz.
Kosmos Gourmet Aji Amarillo 7.5 oz.
Kosmos Gourmet Aji Amarillo 7.5 oz.
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There are hundreds of chillies around the world that you can try, but none of them will leave a mark on your heart like Ají Amarillo. A true emblem an international icon, this spicy pepper is actually considered the most important type of ají in Peruvian gastronomy, and one of the most popular ingredients used for several traditional and modern recipes. 

This pepper, which is actually a bright orange color rather than yellow, brings the final touch to meals with its characteristic juicy, fruity and aromatic taste. Similar in spice levels to Cayenne peppers, the Ají Amarillo is the most preferred ingredient to spice recipes and it even makes up the most known sauce in Peru, the Huancaína sauce. Our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Amarillo paste has the perfect presentation, ready to be added to your preparations and it incorporates deliciously and with ease to any kind of mix and sauce. 

TRUE PERUVIAN SOUL: Whether you’re a true expert in the kitchen or you’re just starting to make your way through the cooking game, you should know there’s a big difference between regular ingredients and Premium products to add to your meals. Kosmos Gourmet Ají Amarillo Paste represents probably the most popular ingredient which is part of dozens of traditional Peruvian recipes. It is said that Ají Amarillo, along with garlic and onion, is one of those ingredients that can’t be missing in any Peruvian kitchen. Give your dishes a hint of Peruvian soul by including Ají Amarillo Paste in any presentation from sauce to cream. 

THE PUREST INGREDIENTS: If Ají Amarillo plays such an important role in Peruvian meals or any experimental recipe, why would you settle for a product diluted with other chemicals to lower its price and thus its quality? We know the importance of outstanding ingredients in the final result, we want to fill your stomach but also help you create hearty recipes that feed your soul. That’s why our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Amarillo Spicy Paste is made only with Premium ingredients. As producers, we make sure to use only the best traditional ingredients with the classic preparing, without mixing with other products that lower the quality of the paste. Our products are as pure and tasty as if they came out of grandma’s kitchen! 

COOK THE BEST PERUVIAN RECIPES: This special and popular ají has very meaty and juicy flesh with a fruity taste. It is also particularly aromatic. Ají Amarillo (despite its name meaning “yellow”) adds a beautiful orange/golden tone to any dish you want to pour it into. Since this Pure Spicy Yellow Pepper Paste is so popular, you can use it to create a dipping sauce to accompany grilled vegetables, fries, fried yucca and roasted chicken, beef or any type of meat. You can incorporate our Ají Amarillo paste in a risotto amarillo, as a dip for your anticuchos, for Peruvian tiraditos, and to add some spice to create the most traditional Peruvian ceviche. 

PRESENTATION: Our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Amarillo Paste is the purest spicy yellow pepper paste you’ll find in the market. So pure it will lift your recipes to another level. This Ají Amarillo spicy paste comes in a glass jar containing 7.5 Oz (212 Grams approx) of the most delicious and creamy bright orange paste. Ají amarillo ranks from 30,000 to 50,000 in the Scoville scale; competing with other peppers such as Cayenne pepper and Tabasco chillies, so don’t be surprised if you catch a spicy and fruity scent when opening your pepper paste jar. Try not to drool! 


ABOUT KOSMOS GOURMET: As a first class Peruvian food distributor that ships all across the country, we wanted to develop a Premium line of products that will make your meals 10 times more delicious. Kosmos Gourmet line represents the same hard work, excellent service and fast delivery that we pride ourselves on all the time, but now we also deliver the highest quality in products personally created by us. Kosmos Gourmet line was born to delight all kinds of customers who are looking for the same thing: great Peruvian ingredients. 


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