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Kosmos Gourmet Aji Panca 7.5 oz.

Kosmos Gourmet Aji Panca 7.5 oz.
Kosmos Gourmet Aji Panca 7.5 oz.
Kosmos Gourmet Aji Panca 7.5 oz.
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Just because some people don’t handle spicy food very well, doesn’t mean they don’t get to enjoy the wonders of peppers. For those who prefer strong yet sweet-like flavors, and for those who want to experience a new kind of exotic taste, Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca Paste is the ultimate ingredient. This might not be the spiciest pepper in the world, but if there’s one thing we know for sure is that Ají Panca Peruvian Paste will make any recipe taste ten times better.

Ají Panca might be a pepper but it certainly has nothing to do with its yellow cousin. Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca Paste is used widely in Peruvian kitchens for its sweet tinge that reminds us of berries and its distinctive earthy and smoky undertones. True connoisseurs of spicy food will acknowledge that, even if Ají Panca is not the spiciest, it truly adds a flavour perfect to be combined with beef, chicken, pork or any other kind of grilled meat. Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca paste comes in a convenient presentation ready to use on your favorite recipes.

THE KING OF PERUVIAN FLAVOR: If you don’t know much about Peruvian gastronomy, or if you’re familiar with the delicious cuisine, it’s a fact that Ají Panca is on of the top 5 ingredients that need to be around every kitchen in Peru. Our Kosmos Gourmet Panca Paste is going to be your perfect companion while learning the most delicious and traditional recipes. And even if you consider yourself a ground-breaking chef and want to work on new and exotic creations, we assure you this deep red, smoky paste won’t let you down. 

ONLY PURE INGREDIENTS:  When you love food, there’s a huge difference between using regular products and including the most pure and high quality ingredients you can find. We, of course, love food as much as you do. That’s why, as producers, we make sure to use only the best traditional ingredients with the classic preparing, without mixing with other products to lower the quality of the paste and selling a cheaper version of the real deal. Our products are as pure and tasty as if they came out of grandma’s kitchen. Don’t worry about the contents of our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca Paste, you only have to worry about following your recipe. 

COOK THE MOST DELICIOUS PERUVIAN RECIPES: Ají panca takes part in one of the most popular Peruvian dishes known worldwide, the anticuchos. This delicious and popular street food which consists of little marinated pieces of chicken and beef can’t be properly enjoyed without dipping it in a creamy Ají Panca sauce. And even though ají panca has a very mild spice, this does not mean you won’t experience the most intense smoky and berry-like taste. This makes this pepper perfect for dishes such as chupes, adobo, escabeches, carapulcra, pachamanca, parihuela and chanfainita. Other mouth-watering recipes that can only get better with our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca paste are chupes, adobo, escabeches, carapulcra, pachamanca and parihuela.

PRESENTATION: Our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca Paste is the purest earthy Panca pepper paste you’ll find anywhere. It’s so pure and well-made everyone will think you made it! This Ají Panca Peruvian paste comes in a glass jar containing 7.5 Oz (212 Grams approx) of the most delicious and creamy deep red paste. Although Ají Panca has a relatively mild spice, ranking at 1,000-1,500 in the Scoville scale of spiciness, you’ll still delight in the strong smoky and berry-like scent. Our Kosmos Gourmet Ají Panca Paste jar is so creamy it’s ready to be used in any culinary creation. 

ABOUT KOSMOS GOURMET: As a first class Peruvian food distributor that ships all across the country, we wanted to develop a Premium line of products that will make your meals 10 times more delicious. Kosmos Gourmet line represents the same hard work, excellent service and fast delivery that we pride ourselves on all the time, but now we also deliver the highest quality in products personally created by us. Kosmos Gourmet line was born to delight all kinds of customers who are looking for the same thing: great Peruvian ingredients.

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