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There are two types of people in this world, vegetarians and die hard fans of meat. For the second kind, we should tell you Peruvian food has hundreds of recipes to satisfy your juicy, meaty cravings.

Peruvian meat dishes are the most looked up online and the most followed recipes. If you’re a fan of Peruvian cuisine and would like to feed your need for meat, keep reading and find out the best recipes for meat lovers. 

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The importance of Peruvian meat dishes

It is said that man being able to cook meat was the beginning of evolution, so it’s easy to think meat runs with every culture in the world.

In the case of Peruvian cuisine, meat (and particularly llama meat) plays an essential part of its gastronomy.

All the dishes are completely balanced between meat and vegetables and meat is the main provider of protein. That’s why you can find lots ofPeruvian meat dishes to prepare. 

Lomo Saltado

Lomo saltado is probably one of the most popularPeruvian meat dishes, it’s internationally known as a national recipe and it satisfies every meat lovers’ cravings.

This meal perfectly embodies the fantastic cultural mix of Asian and Peruvian Creole cuisine, by including ingredients such as  Sillao Kikko (soy sauce), beef loin,ají amarillo, onion, scallions and peppers and preparing them on a big pan that resembles a wok.

Lomo Saltado is the perfect filling this that also contains nutritional value thanks to its balanced ingredients. You can read the full recipe to prepare Lomo Saltado clickinghere

Peruvian Anticuchos 

This is one of the Peruvian meat dishes that doubles as the perfect street food or for snacking. Anticuchos are so important in Peru that they even have its own national day.

Basically, Peruvian Anticuchos are brochettes prepared with some variations of beef combined with Peruvian peppers and some of its most representative spices likeají panca, cumin and oregano.

Although they were originally prepared with lama meat (which is a little rough and can taste dry), later the recipe was changed to include heart beef or regular beef in squared cuts. 

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Peruvian meat dishes can also be stews

Not all ofPeruvian meat dishes are dry and in big chunks, there are also a lot of delicious and steamy stews to feed not only your belly but also your soul on a cold or ill day. 


Carapulcra is a very thick and seasoned (yet delicious)Peruvian meat dish, or actually a stew made with charqui. Charqui is known also as jerky, because it’s a dried llama meat with a strong taste.

As with other Peruvian meals, llama beef is usually replaced with regular beef mainly  because the first one is harder to get and because the taste might not be liked by everyone.

The other main ingredient of Carapulcra is the papa seca, or freeze-dried potatoes, which also have an exotic taste that combined with peppers, peanuts and red wine end up being a great combination of European and African flavors with a Latin twist. 

Peruvian Seco

Peruvian Seco is one of the main elements of what is called Creolle cuisine of Peru (the coastal region of the country), and it’s also the perfectPeruvian meat dish for a cold, cold day.

This recipe has Arab and Spanish influence from colonial times. Peruvian Seco stew consists mainly of beef chunks, spinach, ají amarillo paste, carrots, peas, peppers and of course potatoes to give it a consistent texture.

This filling meal is perfect when served with a side of white, fluffy rice. You can prepare it and place it in the oven for a couple of hours, when it’s done you’ll have the most delicious and comforting meal for a cold winter day.  

As you can see, beef, pork, tripe, llamas and other animals are the main stars of many Peruvian meat dishes that will fill you up and make you strong and healthy.

Don’t think twice and follow the amazing recipes you read. They are great for many occasions from a cozy day in to a big fancy dinner with many guests you want to impress. 

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