June 25, 2021 3 min read

When it comes to Peruvian food, not everything is big, succulent dishes and recipes that make your mouth water and your tummy growl. There is a big part in Peruvian culture that believes natural resources can be used for medicinal purposes. Let’s not forget early civilizations in Peru had only their plants to fight diseases and treat ailments, and some of them proved to be so efficient that their use caught on and kept being a part of natural remedies until modern times. 

Among hundreds of natural remedies we can findPeruvian Uña de Gato, used to fight symptoms, illnesses and ailments since ancient times in this country. Keep reading to find out exactly what it does and how it can improve your everyday lifestyle. 

What isPeruvian Uña de Gato?

Native from the virgin jungles of Peru,Peruvian Uña de Gato is a climbing plant scientifically called Uncaria Tomentosa. The plant Uña de Gato is grown in very high areas regarding sea level, in very clayey and sandy soil. The best months to cultivate Peruvian Uña de Gato are May and June, and the part of this plant that is most often used is the bark. 

As you can imagine, the Uña de Gato was and still is grown by indigenous tribes that like to seize what Mother Earth provides them and cure their people with it. 

What does it look like

Peruvian Uña de Gato plant is a large liana with thick, square branches filled with curved spines. It’s leaves are oval shaped, they are about ½” long, and they have a velvet- like texture. They do have a fruit, tiny capsules of about 2 inches long; but as we mentioned before the part of Uña de Gato that we use is the bark of the plant.

Once it is extracted and dried out, you’ll identify Uña de Gato as a brown or red piece of bark, it kind of looks like cinnamon sticks but in bigger chunks. You can find Peruvian Uña de Gato in more commercial presentations such as powder, powder concentrate andtea bags.  

Benefits ofPeruvian Uña de Gato

Now to the good part. There are several benefits that can come from consumingPeruvian Uña de Gato. This bark has very strong properties that can help cancer diagnosis, because of its alkaline components it reduces chemical proliferation of cancer cells. Not only can Uña de Gato help prevent cancer, it can help people during chemotherapy to reduce its symptoms.

Regarding Alzheimer's, it is said that alkaloids inPeruvian Uña de Gato improves brain development. Its anti inflammatory properties are great to treat gastrointestinal problems and arthritis, among other diseases. 

But one of the most benefits of consuming Uña de Gato as a medicine or as a superfood, is its capacity to repair DNA. The effects of this plant (or the plant’s bark) extend in a cellular level and help preserve the integrity of the body’s DNA. 

How can I consume it? 

Now that you know a few of the countless and , frankly amazing, benefits ofPeruvian Uña de Gato; you’re probably wondering exactly what is the best way to get it in your system. This bark is best absorbed by the body when you consume it directly by eating it, unlike other natural remedies which work through the skin of by breathing their scent. You can take the bark and boil it so it releases a concentrate that you can later drink. You can also find powder or powder concentrate to mix with water, but it will leave a grainy texture because it’s not easy to fully dissolve. The best way to consume Peruvian Uña de Gato is inside a tea bag, this way the preparation is easier and you can even add some honey to enjoy the taste. Find Peruvian Uña de Gato tea clickinghere

If you have some of the ailments we mentioned above or if you’re into natural remedies and super foods to help you improve your health altogether, don’t think twice and givePeruvian Uña de Gato a try!