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Peruvian Food is nowadays one of the most sophisticated and variated cuisines in the word. The creation of this cuisine is based on the pre-Inca’s and Inca’s traditions, but also combines the European, African and Asian cuisines, producing a really variated gastronomy that uses many ingredients and spices to achieve unique experiences that combines the flavors, colors and fragrances of four continents in just one dish.

As a creative and prosper cuisine, Peruvian Food uses many different ingredients such as the scent of wild herbs, a wide variety of seafood and meats in order to bring not only great nutritional values but also a delicious festival of flavors.

With so many ingredients some Peruvian cuisine enthusiasts might be a bit overwhelmed, but there is no need for this, since it’s possible to delimitate the main a basic ingredients needed for most of the Peruvian food recipes.

Basic ingredients

If you ever walk into a Peruvian kitchen, the smells and different colors will be the first things you might notice. Here are the five essentials ingredients you will need for most of Peruvian Food preparations.

1-     Red Onion:

This variety of onion with sweeter and stronger taste really used in the Peruvian cuisine, with a great color it is used as basic ingredient of any preparation. The flavor it brings after sautéing it is great for beef and stews preparation. This variety of onion can also be used in salads, but it is recommended to neutralize it a little before washing it with water or boiling it since it can be too strong.


2-     Aji Amarillo:

One of the main ingredients in most of Peruvian recipes, it is a variety of chili pepper from Peru that is hotter than a jalapeño but also brings a strong fruity flavor, similar to the taste in raisins. It can be use in salads, as a garnish or it can be blended as a paste and be used in different sauces and preparations.


3-     Potatoes

One of the favorites accompaniments, usually present in all the Peruvian dishes. They are used in Peru since the Incas civilization and its nutritional value makes it one of the most important ingredients in Peruvians food. There are different variates of potatoes, and all of them are used in different Peru recipes. It is used for smash potatoes, fresh fries and different traditional dishes such as Causa Rellena.


4-     Corn:

One of the most ancient ingredients, the Peruvian Cuisine uses different kind of corns of variated colors and sizes. Some are prepared to be eaten directly as a snack. One of the more emblematic kinds of corn is the purple corn, used in the preparation of food and beverages, like “Chicha morada” a refreshing drink made with boiled ground purple corn with pineapple, cinnamon, spices, sugar and lemon.


5-     Camote:

This tuberous root is a large, starchy and sweet ingredient with high nutritional value; it is usually used instead of potatoes in different recipes. Is one of the ingredients with highest values of vitamin A, as 100g of camote have more vitamin A than 100g of carrots.

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