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August 22, 2022 4 min read

There are hundreds of peppers around the world that you can try, but none of them will leave a mark on your heart like yellow pepper (aji Amarillo). A true emblem of an international icon, this kind of pepper original from Peru is actually considered the most important type of chili pepper in Peruvian gastronomy, and one of the most popular ingredients used for various traditional and modern recipes.

This fruit belongs to the Capsicum baccatum family and to the pendulum variety. Originally from Peru, its use in this region dates from the year 8,500 BC, it measures between about 10 to 15 centimeters, conical in shape, about 2 centimeters thick, is elongated and green when it is growing.

Then it turns yellow, hence the name, and when ripe it is orange in color, it has a somewhat sweet taste, very fruity, it is not very spicy, nor is it scorching, its heat only reaches up to 15,000 SHU on the Scoville scale.

In many Latin American countries, it is a fresh product that is easy to find in every market. In other countries, it is more difficult to find it like this, but it is common to find a jar of Aji Amarillo paste or dehydrated yellow pepper.

Those who enjoy spicy flavors will find an ideal condiment in the aji Amarillo sauce of Peruvian cuisine with which to enhance the flavour of many dishes, as long as it is not overused.

With this aji sauce, you can make vinaigrettes or use them as a base for making other sauces. It will also spice up a meat dish or fish, some potatoes and why not, as a topping for a sandwich or toast. You have plenty of possibilities using the aji Amarillo sauce for your special dishes.

Cooks across Peru make their own aji Amarillo sauces almost daily, as they are part of almost every recipe. Some do not like the spiciness of the peppers. Others love it and use their raw chili peppers to make them more potent.

It is recommended that you blanch them first and then peel them (because the rind gives a slightly rough texture and a sour taste to the pasta). If you are looking for the color and flavor of the chili, but without the spice, you have to blanch it three times by changing the water each time it boils. This will result in a very mild aji sauce, but with the beautiful color and perfume that is characteristic of it.

This sauce freezes wonderfully in ice cubes. When they are hard, transfer them to bags and close well. Keep for up to three months. It's the best thing you can have in your freezer ready to use in any recipe.


How to make the Aji Amarillo sauce?

To make the fresh aji sauce it is necessary to follow a few simple steps that we will show you below, but you can also vary the recipe by adding sautéed or roasted garlic. As always, each cook can give it their own touch.

  1.  To start buying fresh peppers in the market. If there are only frozen ones, you can use them perfectly.
  2.    Cut them in half lengthwise and discard seeds and veins.
  3.  Cook the peppers in hot but not boiling water for about 5 - 10 minutes, changing the water three times.
  4.  Drain and cool. Peel the peppers, it is easy because the skin comes off on its own.
  5.  Put all the peppers in the blender, add a couple of tablespoons of water or oil, some salt, and process until they are very creamy. And that's it! You already have a championship aji Amarillo sauce.

Now you are ready to make most of the Peruvian recipes that call for the vibrant color and delicious flavor of this ingredient.


Three recipes featuring aji Amarillo sauce 

Aji Amarillo, a yellow chili pepper, is native to Peru. This flavorful pepper can be used in various recipes, from soups and stews to sauces and marinades. Here are three recipes featuring aji Amarillo sauce:

Aji Amarillo Chicken Soup: This soup is hearty and comforting, with chicken, potatoes, carrots, and corn simmered in a flavorful aji Amarillo broth.

Peruvian-Style Roasted Potatoes are roasted with aji Amarillo pepper, garlic, and cumin for a spicy and fragrant side dish.

Aji Amarillo Sauce: This sauce is perfect for spooning over grilled meats or fish. It's made with aji Amarillo peppers, onion, garlic, cumin, and white vinegar.

The benefits of eating Aji Amarillo sauce 

Aji Amarillo sauce is a Peruvian hot pepper sauce with various benefits. The sauce contains vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, and B6. It also contains potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The sauce has anti-inflammatory properties and can help boost the immune system. It can also help improve digestion and relieve stomach pain.

This sauce is used to make various Peruvian dishes, including the classic Peruvian stir-fried rice dish, Arroz chaufa. The sauce is also sometimes used as a marinade for meat.

It is made from fresh, ripe red chili peppers (which can vary in size and shape), vinegar, oil, and spices. The primary ingredient is the pepper itself. Several types of peppers are used in the making of Aji Amarillo sauce.