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Peruvian meals if you’re in the mood for seafood

Peruvian meals if you’re in the mood for seafood
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If you hadn’t read it before, Peruvian food has, like many other latin american countries’ cuisines, a very complete and nutritious gastronomy. It combines all the main macronutrients in the right amounts; but in some parts of Peru meat or lamb are not as accessible. That’s why there are so many seafood-based Peruvian meals

If you follow a diet that limits your animal produce to fish and seafood, or you’re just craving a fresh and spicy recipe to get by this hot summer, keep reading to find popular Peruvian meals that include seafood. 

How important is seafood for Peruvian Meals?

Peruvian meals consist of a very healthy balance between vegetables, fruits, grains and of course protein or animal produce. Speaking of animal produce, the most popular dishes known from this country are meat or lamb based; but some of the most delicious ones (and perhaps lesser known) are mainly made with fish and seafood. 

Apart from the strong and delightful taste, fish and seafood have tons of nutritional properties and benefits for our health. Seafood is very high in protein yet low in calories and saturated fat. The seafood found in all Peruvian meals is the best source of Omega-3, decreasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and hypertension. 

Escabeche de Pescado, the tastiest Peruvian meal

Escabeche de pescado is the perfect recipe if what you’re looking for is something to experiment the purest taste of fish. Also known as pickle fish, this dish requires all seafood to be boiled. Escabeche de pescado is one of the most colorful Peruvian meals, combining the seafood with different types of Peruvian ajies; all of this with a mix of spicy and sour sauce. What gives this dish it’s characteristic, strong taste, is the fact that all ingredients are “preserved” in vinegar. This is an ancient technique used and introduced in Peru by the Spaniards in colonial times. 

Peruvian ceviche 

Honestly, no list of Peruvian meals that include seafood is complete without the presence of the mouth-watering ceviche. This is a recipe that requires the type of fish you choose to be raw; but don’t be fooled as it actually not be eaten like that. The fish used in Peruvian meals like ceviche is marinated or “cooked” in strong citrus juices. 

This recipe not only has the fish and citrus, it involves yellow ají, chopped purple onions, fresh cilantro leaves, and it can be served alongside corn chips to help you scoop the ceviche. Some people like to add ají paste instead of fresh ají to save some time and give it a stronger taste. 


Do you enjoy the taste of fried fish? Then you’ll definitely like the taste of Jalea. This Peruvian meal (that has nothing to do with jam despite its name) is actually very easy to make at home and combines different and exciting textures and temperatures. Jalea consists of fried fish and seafood, combined with fried yucca or sweet potato and assorted greens and vegetables like tomatoes, red onions and mandarin. From many Peruvian meals, you could say that Jalea has one of the most eclectic tastes, since it’s an explosion of very contrasting flavours.  

No Jalea is complete without its popular creole sauce, made with mayonnaise, lime and a very creamy pepper sauce. This recipe can be served as both an appetizer and a main course. 

Parihuela: Peruvian meals in the form of soup 

If you live on this planet, you’ll relate to the comforting feeling of a hot, steamy soup. Some of the most popular Peruvian meals are soups and broths with high nutritional values. Parihuela is a spicy seafood based soup that was born in the fishing communities of Perú. It is very important when cooking this recipe that you use the freshest ingredients (including a firm, white fish) and to serve it immediately after cooking. 

The most notable ingredient of Parihuela is the aji panca hot pepper; combine it with cumin, ginger, cilantro and lime juice and you’ll have a party in your mouth with every spoonful. Treat yourself with a hot, crisp and spicy food! 

Look no further! These are only some of the most delicious and filling seafood-based Peruvian meals, filled with benefits for your health, good looks and most of all, good taste.

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