January 29, 2020 3 min read

We like to show the best of Peruvian food, spice, the texture and the heart of a culture that loves to cook, but did you know there’s also manyPeruvian drinks to go with your meals? Keep reading to find out more about them. 

What makes Peruvian drinks so special?

One of the best things about Peru, is that they really know their resources and how to use them. It’s not uncommon to see ingredients being used indiscriminately in both food recipes and drink recipes. That’s why, among the bestPeruvian drinks, you’ll find things such as corn, leaves, herbs and fruits, al mixed to create the perfect cure for thirst. 

Pisco sour

Just like any country has its own liquor, one of the most representative alcoholicPeruvian drinks is the pisco. This drink is a yellowish or amber distilled liquid from fermented grape juice, and even though it comes from grapes like the wine, it actually tastes stronger. In fact, pisco is from the brandy family of liquors, and it’s also called “aguardiente”.  But pisco sour is more fun than just brandy, it combines the classic flavor of pisco with lime juice, syrup, ice, egg whites and Angostura bitters’ drops. If you don’t have experience with Peruvian drinks, you better take it slow. 

Classic Peruvian drinks: Chicha Morada

This is a mystical drink that you’ll definitely not find anywhere else in the world.  Chicha morada is a popularPeruvian drink elaborated with the ultra special purple corn (maíz morado). This purple corn is grown in Peru since the early civilizations occupied the lands, and even in those times the drink was already prepared and enjoyed by anyone with a sweet tooth. Chicha morada consists of mixing the purple corn with ingredients such as pineapple, cinnamon and sugar. Served cold,Chicha morada is the perfect drink to refresh on a summer day.  

Inca Kola 

You’ll find no home in Peru that doesn’t have a bottle of Inca Kola. ThisPeruvian drink is a national pride, created specially for the country’s anniversary. Inca Kola is basically a soft- taste soda with a bubblegum taste. Whether you’re having a delicious Peruvian meal and want the whole experience or you’re just snacking on a huge burger and you feel like you’re missing a bubbly drink, Inca Kola is the perfect choice. EnjoyInca Kola and get it here in different presentations. 

Chicha de Jora

Yes, corn basedPeruvian drinks take up most of their catalog, because this country really knows how to take advantage of all their natural resources. Chicha de jora is a drink made from Jora corn, a yellow type of corn found in the Andes. This drink was also prepared since pre colonial times, and it’s kind of like a beer that tastes similar to apple cider, with a sweet and sour touch. A very characteristic feature of this drink is its thick foam.

Mate de Coca

This is something you’ll definitely won’t be able to drink in many places because of the controversy it sparks. Mate de coca is aPeruvian drink served hot as a tea or infusion, and it is prepared with coca plant leaves. If you didn’t figure, coca plants are the natural source of what later becomes cocaine. Although the leaves do contain small quantities of alkaloids they’re harmless, and mate de coca actually is very helpful for treating altitude sickness. If you ever travel to Machu Picchu or somewhere very high above the sea, enjoy the green tea taste of mate de coca and instantly feel better.   


As we mentioned before, Peruvians are experts on creating wondrous recipes using their natural resources as they come, and emoliente is a great example of this. Emoliente is a hot beverage served on the coldest months, prepared with barley, dried horsetail, flax seed, plantain leaves and even alfalfa sprouts. You can imagine it has a weird texture because it turns out hot yet sparkly, but the truth is you get used to it and it’s a great remedy for many ailments. Get bottledemoliente here


This is the less popular brother of pisco sour. It can be tough to compete with aPeruvian drink that has its own national day, but chilcano is actually a quite tasteful drink. Chilcano also has a base of pisco but it’s mixed with lime juice, ginger ale, ice, Angostura bitters and different options of exotic fruits such as maracuya and lucuma. If you’re looking for a drink that’s super refreshing and lighter than pisco sour, this is the one.  

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