June 22, 2021 3 min read

When you think of street food you immediately imagine a hot dog vendor, the pretzel guy and even a falafel cart. But in some places, ancient dishes are so liked by people that you can even find buy them from a street vendor, that’s the case withPeruvian street food. With a very rich culture that runs all the way to the kitchen, there’re tons of meals that not only are great in taste and cheap in price, you can also enjoy them in no time and on the go.

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The best Peruvian street food 

Sure, we know there’s always some dishes that are best enjoyed from a cart and eaten on the go, but what does the bestPeruvian street food really consist of? In general, Peru has a very diverse and balanced cuisine, with people having access to anything from grains, vegetables to different kinds of meat.Peruvian street food relies heavily on ingredients like beef, potato and corn, always seasoned with the help of typical ingredients such as ajíes, oregano and peppers. 

So, are you ready to get to know some of the best Peruvian street foods? 


Just like every country has some dish that foreigners find exotic,Peruvian street food has Rachi. You’ll most likely find it in the same cart as Anticuchos, which we’ll explore further. Rachi is basically a mix of cow belly or tripe, garlic, Peruvian corn, salt, pepper and other local seasonings. Although Rachi has a taste hard to like because of its ‘chewy’ texture, in Peru it’s considered a delicious meal to enjoy after a night out or if you’re out of time and need to eat something quickly. Rachi can be served on a plate or in can be included in a stick when you ask for a ‘mixed’ Anticucho.

Anticuchos: The most popularPeruvian street food

One of the main things aboutPeruvian street food (like any other country) is that they must be dishes easy to serve and even easier to eat standing or while walking; let’s face it, that’s the main purpose of street food. This popular meal which is served on almost every corner in Peru at any time of the day, consists of grilled beef heart and boiled potatoes served on a stick along wit ají sauce on top or aside so you can dip them. Enjoy these delicacies from the comfort of your own home, learn the full recipehere.  

Peruvian tamales 

If you’ve heard of Latin American cuisine, you’ve heard all about tamales. These delicious pieces of yellow corn or cancha corn can be found in endless flavors and filled with stuff like chicken, pork, beef, vegetables, olives, nuts and raisins. Tamales are a big part ofPeruvian street food and culture, being a recipe that passes from generation to generation without any major changes. After all, why try to improve what is already perfect? 

The best thing about tamales is that they are steamed and wrapped in a big banana or corn leaf, which makes it the perfectPeruvian street food to enjoy on the go. To learn a common recipe for Peruvian tamales clickhere

Butifarra: The best sandwiches inPeruvian street food 

Just like you would find burger vendors in your hometown,Peruvian street food has some of the best sandwiches you’ll ever taste. Although it has its origins in Europe, like many other ingredients used in Peruvian cuisine, butifarra is now very popular in many recipes around the country. These sandwiches have a very special ingredient that give them their name; butifarra is a kind of ham made of pork leg with no bones and cooked slowly with garlic, pepper, cumin and oregano. 

Butifarra sandwiches are also prepared with rosetta bread, creole sauce, lettuce, radish and different types ofají sauces. Butifarras are enjoyed as a quick but very filling lunch and you can see them being enjoyed at every corner. 

As you can see,Peruvian street food has filling yet nutritious delicacies ready to be enjoyed. They all have great taste and will expand your culinary knowledge, remember not everything can be found in the fanciest restaurants; actually tasting street food is sometimes the best opportunity to know the real flavors of a country.