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April 13, 2023 4 min read

Huacatay sauce is a creamy and spicy sauce that can be enjoyed on fried yuca, potatoes or Peruvian corn. This popular dish originated in Peru and the huacatay plant is one of the most common herbs found there.

The huacatay plant has been used for centuries as both a cooking ingredient and medicine, but it wasn't until recently that huacatay sauce became so well known around the world.

It's difficult to find this delicious food outside of Peru, but today we're going to show you how to make huacatay sauce at home!

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Huacatay is a great choice for those who like their food with that perfect spiciness level!

You can find it at any traditional market in Peru but if you want to taste the original one you need to visit us here in Cusco so we can prepare it together at our Cooking Class!

Don't miss out on this delicious creamy sauce because there's no other recipe similar than ours around the world! We guarantee 100% authenticity and fresh ingredients everyday just for you!


Huacatay sauce may be a new thing for many people, but in Peru , Huacatay is one of the most popular sauces there.

It is originated from the Huallaga District of central Peru  and is made using the leaves of an herb called Huacatay which are very aromatic and are found mostly in mountainous areas.

It has been used by indigenous Peruvians since ancient times when their healers, the "curanderos" (healers), used Huacatay as a way to cure infections and various other diseases. Some even believed Huacatay could cure cancer.

Huacatay is packed with many nutrients that help combat bone problems, stomach issues, arthritis and helps with inflammation which is great for athletes who need something to reduce pain and discomfort after games or training sessions.

Besides Huacatay Sauce, La Flor de la Canela also offers Huacatay Paste which can be used in different dishes or alone.

Huacatay Paste is usually eaten with fish , meats, rice dishes, salads and so much more.

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Huacatayan sauce is one of the most popular sauces in Peru . It's little known outside the country (except for those who like to read articles like this one ) and it's not as famous as Aji de Gallina  or Lomo Saltado , but those who have tasted it, they know it deserves more attention.

Although huacatay is one of the most consumed sauces in Peru , it's still only known inside the country. Why? First, because not everyone has tried Peruvian food .

Second, it's difficult to find huacatay sauce outside Peru . And third, perhaps its name sounds weird or hard to remember or even scary for English speakers. But don't worry.


Huacatay Sauce


Nutritional value or benefits of Huacatay: 

Huacatay, known in English as "black mint," is the most important herb in Peruvian cuisine. Huacatay's taste can be bittersweet, with lingering aftertastes of cloves and oregano.

Huacatay has beneficial properties such as anti-spasmodic, bactericide, antiviral (because of its thiophene content), carminative, fungicide, and some more. Huacatay is the perfect choice for those who rely heavily on herbal medicines to treat ailments.

The most popular Peruvian recipes with Huacatay: 

Huacatay has become an essential ingredient in Peru's economic and cultural food patrimony. Huacatay enhances the flavor of many foods, including potatoes, chicken, fish, beef, or pork dishes. Huacatay's unique taste is unmistakable!


Here are some mouthwatering Huacatay recipes for you: Huacatay Pesto:

Ingredients: - Huacatay (60g) - Fresh Cheese (30g) - Olive Oil (2 tablespoons) - Ground Peanuts (1/3 cup) - Salt and Pepper to taste. Method: 1- Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until it becomes a creamy paste. Huacatay rice:

Ingredients: - Huacatay (1 cup) - Rice (2 cups) - Salt and Pepper to taste.

Method: 1- Put Huacatay in the water for 10 minutes with salt and pepper, then remove it from the water and drain all of it. 2- Heat a frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, then add the Huacatay and fry it for 5 minutes.

3- Now, bring water to a boil in a saucepan and add salt. 4- Once the water is boiling, pour the rice and stir thoroughly. 5- When the rice starts to boil again, reduce the temperature to low. 6- Cover the saucepan with a lid and cook for 20 minutes.

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Health benefits of Peruvian Huacatay: 

Huacatay is a very popular medicinal plant in the Peruvian Amazon region. Huacatay leaves have been used by the people living in the Amazon Region for generations to cure stomach aches, flatulence, and diarrhea.

Huacatay has also been traditionally used as a carminative, bactericide, antiviral (due to its thiophene content), fungicide, and more.

In Peru, Huacatay is included in many dishes such as Huancaina Potatoes, Tacacho etc. Huacatay can be found worldwide in online stores or at Peruvian grocery shops. It´s a good idea to add Huacatay to your next grocery shopping list and give Huacatay a chance to be included in your daily dishes.

Given the high nutritional value of Huacatay, this plant should not miss from our garden or kitchen! Huacatay has many benefits for our health, and it tastes great too! Therefore, Huacatay is an excellent choice for relying heavily on herbal medicines to treat ailments. Huacatay is rich in calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, B1(thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C, E, and other minerals.

It also contains essential oils whose quality depends on its country of origin. For example, Huacatay grown in the Amazon region tend to have more beneficial properties due to its natural environment.

Huacatay leaves are rich in flavonoids with anti-inflammatory, nutritious, and rejuvenating properties. Huacatay has bactericide, fungicide, analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties 

How to use Huacatay:

Huacatay can be used fresh or dried. There is no particular method for drying Huacataya leaves. You pick the driest ones and let them dry in the shade without putting too much direct sunlight on them because this would destroy their nutrients. Once dried, you can chop Huacataya up to obtain your desired consistency.