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August 05, 2019

It is always a great pleasure when you find new recipes and shake things up in your kitchen, discovering new and exciting flavors to add to your tastes. But let’s be honest, sometimes you open a recipe and find half of the ingredients are not also extra hard to find, they’re also pretty pricey. But just because you’re cooking on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great gastronomic experience! 

Peru is an amazing country where it’s not rare to see people preparing the most delicious and nutritious meals for their families at a very reasonable cost. So why don’t you do the same? Check out somePeruvian recipes that won’t have you breaking the bank. 

What are the cheapest ingredients of Peruvian food

One of the most magical things about Peruvian food is that, like practically any latin american cuisine, most (if not all) of the ingredients are very little processed and more natural, which makes them low cost. We’re not talking fancy, organic, food. We mean good quality, naturally grown ingredients that earth provides. Although not all of them are easy to find you can always shop thebest varietyof Peruvian ingredients at Kosmos. 

The cheapest ingredients to preparePeruvian recipes also happen to be the most common ingredients used for a lot of meals.  Grains such as rice, corn, quinoa or chickpeas form the base of most of the dishes in Peru; and the main ingredients that makePeruvian recipes stand out are seasonings like ají no moto, ají panca, ají amarillo and huacatay, to name a few.

Arroz Tapado: A great Peruvian recipe to save money

If you’re looking closely to not go out of your budget and still enjoy an easy yet delicious meal, Arroz Tapado is exactly what you’re looking for. A great advantage of this and otherPeruvian recipes is that you can make use of all those vegetables you have lying around in your fridge and can’t figure out how to use. 

The traditional protein is ground beef, but you can also use something else you have at home or that turns out to be cheaper at the store like chicken, canned tuna or salmon. As a base you can use grains which are very low cost food such aswhite or brown rice orquinoa. As for the vegetables you can work with green peas, corn, pepper or many other options. The good thing aboutPeruvian recipes like Arroz Tapado is that leftovers can be reheated as much as you like and mix them afterwards with other ingredients to renew the taste. 


In almost every country, you can find cheap, fast food that gets us going through the day at a very low cost. For Peru, Anticuchos are a dish that won’t cost you a lot to prepare and will definitely taste better than if you bought them from a street vendor. Anticuchos are basically juicy, savoury marinated pieces or cubes of meat grilled on sticks. 

SomePeruvian recipes don’t really work if you change the ingredients, so we recommend that you stick to beef heart when preparing this dish since it’s basically all you’ll need along with seasonings such aspowder garlic. If you want to read the full recipe to prepare classic Peruvian Anticuchos clickhere

Quinoa con Leche

Not even desserts have to be expensive to prepare!Peruvian recipes also include budget friendly sweet treats to end a nice meal. Quinoa con leche is a spin of the traditional Arroz con Leche dessert. You’ll just need a pack ofquinoa grains, whole milk, evaporated milk, sugar and cinnamon to spice it up. 

Put the quinoa to cook along with the spices and when the grain is soft enough pour in both milks to create a creamy paste. Put the mix in the fridge or let it cool and add powdered cinnamon to decorate and season.  

As you can see, some of the bestPeruvian recipes are whipped out at a very low cost. Put on your thinking hat and follow this recipes or check out more traditional recipes on your blog and adapt them to your budget! After all, cooking is all about experimenting.