February 28, 2021 3 min read

Mothers say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because that’s when we fill our tanks to start our activities.

If you believe this too and are looking for new, exciting recipes to enjoy at the break of dawn, why not try a Peruvian breakfast? With it’s delicious and healthy ingredients, your belly will be full and you’ll be looking for the next morning to come and enjoy another one!

Breakfast time in Peru

First off, let’s establish the eating times in Peru, because they are a little different from other countries’ schedules (yet kind of similar to the one in the U.S).Peruvian breakfast is served commonly between 07:00 am and 09:00 am on weekdays, the fact that they have breakfast so early results in them having lunch between midday and 1:00 pm and dinner at around 7:00 pm or a little later.

This times of course can vary depending on each family or person’s routine, but the times affect greatly on the type of ingredients Peruvians have for breakfast. On Sundays people have very different and more relaxed schedules, which means they get to have a very different kind of breakfast, with more time to prepare delicious and elaborate recipes to enjoy in family. 

Main ingredients of a Peruvian Breakfast

We’ve mentioned before how people in Peru have pretty balanced diets no matter what region of the country they are, this because Peru is filled with fruits and vegetables that are easy to eat either raw or cooked.

Since this meal tends to be a lot lighter and short during weekdays,Peruvian breakfast common ingredients include bread (either salty or sweet), butter, eggs, ham, jam or other type of cold cut, and oatmeal. Common drinks include milk, coffee, juices made from exotic fruits and many infusions, Peruvians like herbal teas a lot.

Seeing this list you might think their breakfasts aren’t as different as ours, but then come many other ingredients typical in Peru they enjoy specially when they have to eat out or buy breakfast from street vendors and eat on the go.

These ingredients include plátano (ripe banana or plantain), choclo, pork, lamb, sweet potato and even cold fish in the coastal zone of Peru. 

Popular recipes for Peruvian Breakfast

Since weekends are the days where people are a lot more relaxed and with less things to do, Peruvian breakfast tend to be a lot heavier, heartier and around 10:00 am, because people wake up later. With more time to make a great meal, there are several recipes popular for a great way to start the day.


This dish might not sound as good as it tastes. The name “Sangrecita” literally means “blood”, this dish consists of chicken blood seasoned with garlic orgarlic paste, onion, different types of chili, assorted herbs and prepared with either potatoes or sweet potatoes.

We assure you it’s quite tasty and also amazing for your body. The high levels of iron in this recipe can even help fight anemia, so it’s a very popularPeruvian breakfast for kids.

Pan con Chicharrón (Pork Sandwich)

This meal will have you drooling before you even taste it. You take slow cooked pork and make a sandwich with a round crispy bread, along with slices of sweet potato and a typical onion salad. 

This is one of the most commonPeruvian breakfasts and people like to buy it on the streets to eat on their way to work. but enjoying them at home is even better.


Peru is known for its delicious and diverse tamale recipes, and you can make almost any one of them for breakfast. Made with yellow or white corn and ingredients suchs a chicken, pork on even alone with sauce, they are the superstar ofPeruvian breakfasts. Learn the full recipe forPeruvian tamales here.


A true delicacy in Peru, picarones are certainly not the healthiest, but if you enjoy them once in a while you’re good. Picarones are donut-shaped, deep-fried sweet potatoes. More commonly sold by street vendors, they are certainly perfect for a quick bite. 

If you’re looking to give your mornings a Latin twist, don’t miss out on these delicious Peruvian breakfast meals and start the day filled with flavor!