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November 27, 2023 3 min read

Tampa, Florida, is not only known for its stunning beaches and vibrant cultural scene but also for its diversity in food. If you're a food enthusiast on a flavorful journey, exploring Peruvian food in Tampa is a must. 

The city consists of a handful of exceptional Peruvian restaurants that promise an authentic and mouth-watering experience. Let's check out the top 4 spots where you can get a taste of Peru without hopping on a plane.

Machu Picchu Tampa: Where Tradition Meets Yum

Machu Picchu Tampa is like a flavor party that mixes tradition with new twists. Once you step inside, you'll catch a whiff of spices and herbs that'll make your stomach growl.

Try classics like Lomo Saltado (a beef stir-fry) or the famous ceviche, a seafood dish with a citrusy kick. The vibe is friendly, and the folks atMachu Picchu Tampa make it a great spot for a chill dinner or a fun get-together with friends.

They're all about using fresh, local stuff, giving a modern spin to classic Peruvian flavors. And with its central location, Machu Picchu Tampa is a go-to place for locals and tourists looking for a genuine taste of Peru.

Inca's Kitchen: A Delicious Journey Through Peru

Inca's Kitchen is a bit of a hidden treasure in Tampa, serving up a journey through Peru's tasty dishes. The menu is like a rainbow of flavors, showcasing the goodness of Peruvian food. Start withPapa a la Huancaina – potatoes in a creamy, spicy cheese sauce. They've got options for everyone, from meat lovers to veggie fans. Their frozen food itemsFrozen Habas Verdes are also available on websites likeKOSMOS PERU.

Inca's Kitchen has a cozy vibe, and they're all about sticking to traditional Peruvian cooking methods. It's the go-to spot for those who want a real taste of Peruvian comfort food right in the heart of Tampa.

Ceviche Bar: Seafood, Peruvian Style

Ceviche Bar takes the art of making ceviche to a whole new level, making seafood a Peruvian delight. Tucked away in a comfy corner of Tampa, this place gives a fresh spin to classicPeruvian dishes. Their ceviche, made with locally sourced seafood, is a burst of zesty flavors.

The atmosphere at Ceviche Bar is chill yet classy, perfect for a laid-back lunch or a romantic dinner. The chefs really know their stuff, creating dishes that celebrate Peruvian culinary heritage. If you're into seafood or want a unique take on traditional Peruvian food, Ceviche Bar is a must-visit for Peruvian food in Tampa.

Pisco's Peruvian Restaurant: Where Flavors Come Together

Pisco's Peruvian Cuisine is like a symphony of flavors, bringing you a menu that blends tradition with a modern touch. Right in the heart of Tampa's food scene, this place combines classic recipes with a contemporary twist, giving you a taste of Peru's culture.

From Anticuchos skewers to Aji de Gallina, Pisco's Peruvian Cuisine has something for every taste bud. They use authentic Peruvian ingredients likeSalsa para Tallarin Saltado, making every bite a flavor explosion. For a food adventure that captures the essence of Peru, Pisco's Peruvian Cuisine is the place to be.


Tampa has a lot to offer in the Peruvian food department. These top 4 spots give you a chance to explore the diverse and delicious world of Peruvian food in Tampa. 

Whether you're a Peruvian food pro or just curious about new flavors, these restaurants offer a fantastic taste of Peru in Tampa – a mix of tradition, innovation, and mouth-watering goodness. If you want to cook some Peruvian food at home then KOSMOS PERU can be your go to partner for the shopping of authentic Peruvian ingredients.